Anne Stecker, Ceramic Artist

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North, Central and South American Effigy Jars –Creating vessels with animal and/or human characteristics and features

Colonial America Redware –Creating plates, bowls or mugs/ Redware Pottery created as early as 1630 in Colonial America.

Gargoyles – Creating Gothic relief sculptures

Greek Red Ware Plates or Vessels –Using scraffito techniques to imitate Greek red ware designs

Contemporary Pottery –Creating functional pottery with hand painted contemporary designs.

Southwest Native
American Pottery

Clay bowl/vessel using coil construction, slip decoration,  sgraffito, repetition and pattern in drawings and design

Egyptian Pottery and Faience –Creating vessels and amulets, exploring faience (self glazing clay) that was used in Egypt

Oregon Pioneer Pottery –

Creating slab mugs/jars and connecting the history of the Oregon Trail and Oregon pottery companies of the late 1800’s

Asian Carved Celadon Pottery –Creating plates, cups, etc. that imitate Asian carved porcelain with a pooling pale green glaze