Anne Stecker, Ceramic Artist

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Throughout my career I have taught workshops that focus on technical clay forming techniques, discipline based art education and teacher training and many of these emphasize integrating art into the curriculum as well as multicultural projects in clay and other media.  Additionally, continuously from 1978-1998 I taught pottery classes at Chemeketa Community College.  I am available to teach my soft slab hand building techniques in workshops and classes.

Clay in the Classroom:

Simple projects for elementary through high school classroom teachers, basic information about working with clay, draping and slab techniques, using underglazes, glazes, firing and kiln operation.

Connecting Cultures and Clay:

For elementary and middle school teachers.  Exploring and developing a clay lesson to integrate into a classroom unit of study.

Hand Building Techniques:

For high school, college and adult students.  Demonstration of textured soft slab hand building techniques, use of stamps, folding, stretching and manipulating slabs.